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Establish Personalised 1on1 Conversations with your Audience with a Bot

The daily use of text and chatting is exploding amongst all ages. At the same time people are getting more demanding. They expect a personalized experience in all their interactions. 

Traditional means of communication such as TV, print, radio are losing their reach with consumers switching to alternative media of choice such as streaming, podcasts, social media, messaging. It is time to meet the demands of today’s audience and engage on a personal and relevant level.

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of global smartphone users use messaging

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of customers expect companies to use new technologies to create better experiences

At Bot Implementation Institute we support companies through in-depth training and advisory services in their transition in audience engagement by moving from 1 way communication to personalised 1-on-1 conversations using the latest innovations in the field of bot technology. 

Bots are the ideal solution to meet the demands of today’s audience and help build strong relationships. Relationships bring value. An engaged consumer is a consumer who interacts more with your brand, is more likely to adopt new products, buys more and is more likely to keep coming back.

The Formula

A structured approach is critical for success when implementing 1on1 conversations whether you are a digital agency or digital marketer. 

It ensures the right small steps are taken at the right time resulting in a conversation that properly addresses the consumer needs & expectations. This is why we have developed a step by step END-to-END formula to guide you on your way when implementing bots either for your own brand or on behalf of another company. 

Our proven Bot Implementation Formula is your roadmap when building successful business changing conversations with an audience

We look at the Why, the What and last but not least the How. We do this by taking a step by step approach starting with the DISCOVERY phase. In this phase we look at the audience, their consumer journey, the pain points they face and the business objective you want to achieve. 

We teach you how to DESIGN an engagement strategy that addresses the pain points and meets the business objective by looking at the persona’s, the conversations and last but not least the technology. Just like laying the foundation for when you are building a house.  From there we IMPLEMENT & DEPLOY in which we start testing the bot, iterate and go live.

Then last but definitely not least we MEASURE. In this often overlooked yet crucial fase we look at the Conversation Health Score. A critical parameter with which we ensure the effectiveness of the conversations, the level of engagement with your audience and ultimately your success in curing the pain point and achieving your business objective.

Only when we are successful in this do we proceed with the next small step. And the process starts over again turning the Formula in a continuous improvement cycle that you can use for all your Bot Implementation activities.

Our Solutions

Our in-depth end to end training program on how to build game-changing conversational bots.

Our Curriculum is designed for Consumer Engagement Professionals and provides the maximum of flexibility as it is independent of any platform. It focusses on that which is most important: a structured step by step approach in implementing 1on1 conversations.

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Using our Bot Implementation Formula, we guide consumer engagement teams step by step in using Bot’s as a conversational tool to engage consumers on a truly personal level.

We get an in-depth understanding of the challenges your company is facing and provide concrete solutions on how to address these bringing lasting change.

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