BMP-12 B2B Software Sales With A Chatbot – Interview with Billy Bateman

This weeks podcast is all about how you increase conversion and book more meetings in a b2b software sales scenario. Billy Bateman of is on the show to share his experience in this segment. Implementing drift and intercom he shares a brilliant 3 level engagement model for 1on1 conversations that ensures great conversion.

Billy is Co-Founder & VP of Operations at Chatfunnels a digital conversation analytics, and optimization solutions provider. He is also the host of Digital Conversations Podcast. He has a background in digital marketing, business operations, and entrepreneurship.

Billy grew up in Idaho and graduated from Brigham Young University and has a Masters of Business Administration from Boise State University. While at BSU, he completed Boise State’s Venture College Entrepreneurship Program and became a mentor and entrepreneurial lead on a technology commercialization project. He is an avid outdoorsman and enjoys fishing and hunting.

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