BMP-35 eCommerce Post Sales Conversations

eCommers Post Sales Conversations

When a consumer packaged goods company sells directly to its consumers, strong focus is on acquisition. However how much is known about how purchase & product experience is perceived by its consumers other than waiting for them to leave a 5 star review.
There is a wealth of knowledge to be gained beyond the 5 star review or standard NPS feedback companies currently are using.
Switch from re-active to pro-active consumer engagement.

Start real 1-on-1 post-sales conversations with you consumers. Don’t wait for the review. Ask your consumers pro-actively in an interactive interview about their shopping and product experience. And if support is needed from your customer service department ask them how they perceived the interaction with your customer experience team.

Build a long-lasting relationship with your consumers by pro-actively engaging with them in personalised 1on1 conversations.

In this epsiode, Jerome and Hans discuss 3 post sales conversation moments in the customer journey that provide companies with a real opportunity for gaining rich insights in the likes, needs and wants of their consumers and build a lasting relationship at the same time.

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