We put the conversation back in conversational marketing. We support companies in their transition in audience engagement by moving from 1 way communication to personalised 1-on-1 conversations using the latest innovations in the field of bot technology. Keeping you connected and engaged with your audience!


A simple question in itself yet one that has profound importance. It is our reason for existence and comes back in everything we do. The reason we get out of bed in the morning.

Our reason is simple. We aim to inspire change!

Change in the way companies are engaging with their audience. Change in how consumers engage with their favourite brands.

It is time to move away from one way communication and shift to truly personalized 1on1 conversations, building real and lasting engagement with your consumers.


Through the power of education, we bring real and lasting change, using technology as a means to elevate the human experience.

In today’s environment where the mobile device has become an irreplaceable part of our daily lives, we go there where the consumer is, his device of choice.

And we do that with a solution that never sleeps and that is available whenever and wherever the consumer wants or needs it.

When we started we wasted a lot of time doing and re-doing. Through trial and error we discovered what works and more importantly what does not. The fact that we went through it means that you don’t have to.

We have incorporated the learnings gained through trial and error over the last two years in our courses. Making sure you can benefit of our experience and avoid the many pitfalls one encounters when implementing bots. 


We teach you concrete steps on how to establish successful personalized 1-on-1 conversations with your audience. We do this in the forum of your choice either in the shape of on-demand learning or through face to face expert advice.

We go in depth and give you a step by step guide on how to implement your bot using our proven Bot Implementation Formula.

Our value lies in our commitment to give you the skills and methodology to implement bots with impact by making you fully certified in implementing personalised 1on1 conversations by using our proven methodology. 

Our certificates have been developed with Digital Agencies and Digital Marketers in mind. Two distinctly different audiences with dedicated needs and wishes. 

Want to find out more? What to know how our Bot Implementation Formula can help you on your botting journey? Then wait no longer and click the button below to discover our Training & Certification offering.

Who We Are

“We are 2 highschool friends that reconnected after having lost sight of each other for many years. We each have our fair share of corporate life behind us, with all the key learnings, frustrations and what if’s. But one thing kept nagging at the back of our minds in all the roles we did…..there must be a better way! A better way to engage with our audience, a more consumer friendly way of engaging, a more personal way of engaging. We started talking about the changes in the communication landscape and the opportunities bots pose. Whilst brainstorming we slowly started formulating our unique product proposition. A formula, the Bot Implementation Formula! An end to end training solution rather than focusing only on the technology itself..”

Jerome van der Linden


Co-Founder | CEO

After many years in marketing in the automotive business, it was time for a change. I always wanted to start for myself, so I took the opportunity that presented itself. After a long immersion in the world of bots and a lot of trial and error, I set up Bot Implementation Institute focusing on supporting marketing professionals in using bots in their engagement strategy.



I have a wealth of experience in the IT industry, marketing, sales and am no stranger to setting up start-ups. So when I was asked to support Jerome with the launch of Bot Implementation Institute I could not say no. So I help BII with insight, market knowledge and expert advice supporting Bot Implementation Institute to stay on track and delivering value.

Ask Us Anything

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