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Shift to 1on1 Conversations with Your Consumers using Bots

Our clients are from very different industries, yet they all have one thing in common. They seek to become true consumer centric organisations by shifting their engagement strategy from 1 way communication to personalised 1on1 conversations using the latest in conversational bots.



We provide our clients with expert advice on how to make the shift to personalised 1on1 Conversations with their audience.



Bot Implementation Formula

Using our Bot Implementation Formula, we guide consumer engagement teams step by step in using Bot’s as a conversational tool to engage consumers on a truly personal level. We dive deep in the problematic and work out an step by step action plan on how Bots can address the pain points your business is facing.

We then roll out the action plan by guiding you & your team every step of the way. So next time you don’t need to call and do you have the tools and skills to do it yourselves.


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Lead the Change!

The way we engage with our consumers is continuously changing. Where they were once satisfied with simple 1 way communication as seen on TV and in newspapers, today’s consumer has reached a level of control unseen for years.




With the digital age comes the digital savy consumer, a consumer that selects what is relevant, on the medium of their choice and at the time of their choosing.

Gone are the days of mass media communication, welcome to the audience that wants to be engaged on a personal level with messaging that is relevant to them as an individual.

The control of your current audience can be summed up in 1 single word: Choice.

Having relevant personalised 1on1 conversations with your consumers is the new way of consumer engagement, but ask yourself this.

Is your company ready and able to engage with this new audience?


Make the Change!

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Our Approach

When we provide expert advice either on-site or remotely we follow 1 key principle. We educate by doing. We work in a collaborative role with your consumer engagement team and give them the necessary knowledge and skills to do it themselves using our Bot Implementation Formula.

We have perfected an efficient approach to each individual project following our many years of managing complex projects in industry and technology.

We kick off with a 30 minute to understand the match between you as a client and ourselves. From there we proceed with a exploration meeting in which we discuss your organisations needs and the possibilities in the market today.

On the basis of this we will propose a 2-day Boostcamp, an intensive workshop during which time we do deep dive with your consumer engagement team and get a clear understanding of the painpoints, the needs and requirements of your consumer engagement strategy. This ultimately results in a clear Path to Value, a roadmap that will cover all elements needed to make the shift to 1on1 Conversations with your consumers.

Client Cases



Virtual Research Assistant

Qualitative Market Research with a Bot

Project: Develop a conversational bot that is capable of performing qualitative market research.

Qualitative market research is traditionally done in a small group setting as it is a time consuming process to interview the participants and analyse the findings.

We developed a conversational bot that is capable of conducting a large amount of semi-structured interviews for CPG industry including data analysis & processing performed by AI.

The Virtual Research assistant considerably shortens the time to market for new products as qualitative research is performed at scale forgoing the need for quantitive research.


Shorten Path to Employee Recovery

Workplace sick-leave management with a Bot

Project: Define key efficiency improvement area’s in the path to recovery of employees.

The reporting and controlling of workplace sick-leave is highly labour intensive for both the internal team and external clients leading to delays in case treatment and inefficiencies in employee status capture and processing.

With the client, we identified in a Discovery, key frictions and improvement areas using bots. The efficient and engaging communication ensures a faster road to recovery for employees, resulting in a more productive workforce with their clients.


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