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Master the Art of Implementing Conversational Bots

Conversational Bot are becoming a critical element in any business engagement strategy. Today’s consumers demand personalised and relevant messaging on the device of their choice and at the time of their choice.

The world of bots is not without its pitfalls. Failure, when implementing bots, can have serious consequences for your brand and business. The technology is only an enabler, a tool to facilitate your conversations.

Learn the skills and methodology needed to build game changing conversational bots

In our training modules we focus on the unique steps required at each of the phases of our formula. In addition, we provide you with the full box of tools needed for each of the steps. 

After completion of our courses you will be able to successfully build a game-changing bot that resonates using the Bot Implementation Formula.

Each course is provided in 2 different formats:


a grow-at-your-own-pace format. The online course can be completed over a period of  several weeks. You can determine at leisure your best time for completing each module dependent on your own daily busy schedule.  Any time & Any place


a live online fast track format. We take you in an online classroom setting through the course modules, allowing you to complete the course in a fast track fashion at a specific predetermined time. Participants per session are limited. 

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Conversational AI in a Direct to Consumer Environment

Let Timbo, our Bot, take you through an introductory course into the world of chatbots, the trends, the pitfalls combined with a high-level walk-through on the bot Implementation Formula.

Customer Service Foundation Course

Our latest free Customer Service Mini Course. Find out how ChatBots can play a key part in the Customer Service Team, 24/7 with a smile.

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